Joseph Smith Captured

Here’s news of a fascinating historical legal reenactment involving Joseph Smith.

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“Joseph Smith, the Mormon Prophet, had been accused of treason and an assassination attempt against a former Missouri Governor.  The State of Missouri sought to extradite Smith from Nauvoo, Illinois to face these charges.  After his arrest, Smith sued for a Writ of Habeas Corpus to free himself.

In a retrospective on his actions as Illinois Governor during the Mormon Wars, Thomas Ford wrote that it was good for the Mormons to have been driven out of the state and said that their beliefs and actions were too different to have survived in Illinois.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and the Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission, will sponsor a series of events to explore whether the role of the Court is to be the safeguard for community values and whether someone from a polarizing political community obtain a fair trial.”

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  1. Hunter says:

    I first saw this story linked over at Real Clear Religion and thought it sounded cool. Glad you’ve picked it up and posted it.

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