New Mormon History Lecture Series in El Paso and a Plug for the Museum of Mormon History in Mexico (Provo Branch)

A lingering benefit of the centennial commemoration of the Mormon Exodus and the conference on Mormon history in Latin America and the Borderlands that took place a week and a bit ago (see here) is the Finding Refuge in El paso Lecture Series that the El Paso Museum of History is sponsoring to help promote the Finding Refuge in El Paso museum exhibit that recently opened. So far, Fred Woods has spoken on Mormon migration and there are a few others on schedule including local historian Elias Bonilla and myself. There are a few others being planned. The exhibit runs through January, and I understand that after it runs its course at the El Paso museum that it will continue as a traveling display housed in a number of locations, but I don’t have details on that future. 

I hope to see many more of these types of exhibits or events that are based in the history of Mormonism in local settings. Along these lines, I will put in a plug for Fernando Gomez’s excellent work exhibiting and documenting the history of Mormonism in Mexico. He has a museum on Mormon history in Mexico City near the Mexico City Temple and also a location in Provo, UT at 1501 N. Canyon Road, just off of BYU campus. Check out the Museum’s Facebook page for lots of pictures and even some documentaries for more. If you haven’t had a chance to visit his Provo location, you are missing out.  Go to it whether you have a particular interest in the history of Mormonism in Mexico or not…in fact, particularly if you don’t.

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